Gone are the days of waiting in long queues and paying heavy prices to enter an over-crowded bar. Every homeowner wishes to reflect a piece of their personality in the place they live in. Thus, there is no better way to get creative over the summer than by adding a garden bar. An idea that will surely sweep all your friends and family off of their feet; it will surely become the hub of all festivities and celebrations.

Wooden shed – the perfect choice!

With a wide range of options available in design and outlook, you’ll be left perplexed with all the choices. But to make it simpler, a wooden shed may just be the extension your home is missing. The rustic and classy look of wood pairs perfectly with marble tiling and brick walls. This gives you a minimal, contemporary look.

Or, you can go more towards the authentic and basic look by topping your wooden sheds with slate roofing tiles. To further add to the classic vibe, you can place Tiki torches at the entrance. It will truly feel like a sanctuary as it is both private and spacious.

Choosing the right style!

The design of the wooden shed need not be extremely complicated. You can choose to go with the classic hut look. Otherwise, if you are someone who likes to stand out, then the design of a minimal wooden box for a shed will be just right for you!

Is a wooden shed garden bar an ideal choice?

The wooden shed garden bar is a long-term investment, just like a garden summer house. It not only adds character to your house but also saves you from the trouble of hectic evenings in strange bars. The area of a classic wooden shed is spacious enough to hold a party of 30. You can couple the wooden shed cum bar with a few barstools or garden chairs to officially make it a party hub! What makes a wooden shed perfect for a garden bar is the practicality of its uses and the absence of a timestamp. The place may seem like an ideal summer party or a barbeque get-together spot. But with a heater installed, it can become the center of all your winter festivities as well.

Will it cost a lot?

The perfect getaway will cost you practically nothing when compared to other renovating ideas you may have had. And if you already have the experience of wood modeling, then your cost is cut even lower. The basic appliances and the wood can be assembled and designed according to your desire and personal taste. You can improve your bartending skills as you make exotic cocktails for your friends.

Making the perfect garden bar

A homegrown idea that cultivates to reflect your personal preferences can become a reality. You only need to do a little wishful thinking and a few calculations. The size of a wooden shed will completely depend on the variety of indoor decorations and overall outlook you wish to achieve. If you see yourself spending a lot of time in the garden bar, then you can pair it well with a jukebox machine and a snooker table. Many tend to install a bathroom in the garden bar. This may add to your cost but will seem completely necessary after the fifth drink. 

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