Trophies are a symbol of success, and they deserve to be treated as such. All of us know that when someone walks to the stage to lay his/her hands on the hard-earned award, they want something worth all the recognition. This demands that the presenters of the trophy put more insight into its design and material.

Well, there is no such thing as a dull trophy, as a trophy is always earned with hard work. But, there are trophies which are just not worth it. So, there has to be one which looks spectacular and feels magical. Creating a personalised trophy like this takes time and effort, but there is no fruit without labor, right?

What it takes to design the perfect trophy

If you have an upcoming event and want to know how EFX Awards designs the perfect trophy for the perfect, winner then here you go!

The bespoke EFX Awards range is unlimited as the bespoke awards are designed according to the customer’s wishes. The custom-designed trophies have a unique built, finer material and a style which goes well with the theme of the ceremony.

  1. All the details

To design the perfect trophy, the makers take in the details of the event, including the venue and even the kind of lights that will be there. It is important as awards shine differently under different lights, and no one would want their trophy to appear dull.

After gathering all the information about the place where the trophy is to be presented, the customers are asked for their preferences. They specify everything from the material of the trophy to its coating and finishing touches. The makers also give suggestions to the customers to make what they have in their mind look even classier in reality. After collecting all the required data, they set themselves to work.

  1. Preparing the basic design

The process starts with getting the right materials while staying on budget specified by the customers. Then there is the stage of cutting, grinding, molding, and shaping up the basic design. The clients get to see a sample at this stage if they want it and any changes that they ask for are made at this stage.

  1. Making the final trophy

The next parts are painting and coating. This is the tricky part as the finish has to be right; otherwise, the trophy might have to be made again from scratch. After getting done with painting, the next part is to give the trophy a nice and even polish. This makes the surface of the trophy smooth and all shiny so that everyone who looks at it or touches it wants to have it too.

The painting and coating parts are eliminated if the trophies are crystalline or even a glass trophy. They get different kinds of polish to help them impress the people around them. Bespoke trophies particularly need extra care and are made keeping the personality of the winner and the overall feel of the ceremony in mind.

Perfection is ready!

So, the perfect trophy takes a lot of time and hard work with consistent determination to reach a form which is worthy of the receiver. And EFX Awards leaves no stones unturned to reach the utmost perfection that the customers dream of.

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