One of the perks of having an Apple watch is that you can change its strap as there’s a wide variety of bands available. Therefore, you may go with the one that suits your style. We have tons of Apple watch straps to try out. Some are mentioned below, so check out which one you are looking for!

  1. Casetify printed Apple watch band

Looking for printed straps? Here’s a great solution. Get bold floral prints, animal prints, geometric flags, emojis or a large range of designs printed that suit your taste. The amazing designs and colors available will surely make you love them. You might think they’re expensive, but they are absolutely not. They’re cheaper despite being made from faux leather.

Apart from this, fixings and buckles are accessible in gold, black and silver colors. You may change them if you want.

  1. Southern straps nylon band

These beautifully hand-made nylon bands are made to last long. They are crafted in San Francisco with a piece of nylon and use the best quality hardware which you won’t find in any other product. Moreover, they are up to 25 cm long and offer almost 84 combinations. Also, these straps won’t cover the heart-rate sensor, and you’ll love wearing it. It has the best look indeed and comes with a five-year warranty.

So, go and get your hands on these funky and well as sober colored straps!

  1. Apply sport Loop

A sport loop is available in bright colors and a sporty design, which is extremely comfortable and made from nylon. For those who do not want to cover the watch’s sensors, this is a perfect band for them! On the skin side, it has double-layered nylon and a unique design, which helps in making larger loops that allow cushioning and breathability.

Enjoy wearing it in cerulean, red and pink sand versions, as well as subtle and sober colors such as black and gray.

  1. Ullu’s skinny strap

This one’s for those who love wearing leather apple watch straps. It is cheaper than other Apple watch straps and is made from pure Italian leather. Surprisingly, these bands are hand-colored and come in eleven beautiful shades. However, the buckles are of stainless steel.

Although it is cheaper, the quality is still the best. You will get more comfortable wearing leather as it ages and becomes soft with time.

  1. NATO watch strap

NATO watch straps usually run under the base of the watch, covering its sensors, but this one is for an Apple watch. Hence, it is available in two-part straps, so it does not obscure the sensor. There are many options as lots of designs are available. The most common among them is probably the one with a brightly colored rainbow along with an old-fashioned US flag next to it.

Adding a new splash of new colors to your look enhances your personality. So, try out these bands that will make your Apple watch outstand.


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