The moment you hear the words glass staircase, your mind automatically conjures up something magical and whimsical, like something straight out of a fairy tale. And it is true; glass staircases add an element of elegance, grace, and magic that your regular staircase just cannot.

Unfortunately, in our world, we do not have magic wands or superpowers that magically conjure up such a staircase. There is a lot of thought and specifications that go into the process of choosing the perfect glass staircase. That is why today we will walk you through all that you need to know about choosing the perfect glass staircase for your home.

Variety of options

When we talk about glass staircases, we are presented with two options. These are the glass balustrades and the all-glass staircase. Let us start with the more popular and modern option, which is the balustrades. These are a row of short columns that hold the treads together. Since they are made of glass, they look very aesthetically-pleasing.

The idea of these is very minimalistic, and quite frankly, it looks very beautiful when it is put together. The balustrades are best if you have a cramped space. That is because they make the area look more spacious than it is.

The second option is a full glass staircase. These are better suited for areas with more space; however, they work well otherwise, too. They also provide a very elegant touch to the interior of the house.

Mixing Things Up

The best thing about a glass staircase is that your options are limitless. You do not have to care about matching all the elements in order for them to look good. If you opt for glass balusters, you easily choose to mix it up with treads made from marble or wooden steps. They can be of any color or any polish, depending on the rest of your interior.

The Style

Opting for a glass staircase will in, no way, limit the styles you can choose from. On the contrary, your options may be broadened. You can go for a twin staircase if you have space to spare or you can go for a curved staircase if you have a little lesser space. Other modern designs include asymmetrical bespoke staircases that look very beautiful as well.

Keep in Mind

One thing to remember is that glass is almost accompanied by a green tint. It is a natural property of glass. The tint is even more visible with glass that is thick like the glass used for staircases. So do not be alarmed by it.

Glass Staircases for the Win!

There are numerous benefits to having a glass staircase installed. First is obviously the aesthetics, but that is not all. Glass staircases are sturdier than the average staircase. Not only that but they are easier to clean as well. Of course, they can take their share of wear and tear but do not forget to treat them nicely!


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