Advantages of a Long-Term Car Rental

Long-term car rental comes with multiple advantages. PSD Vehicle Rental offers a monthly car hire option. PSD Flexi is where you will find cars can be hired on 28-day rolling contracts. There is no long-term commitment to PSD Flexi and the car can be returned at any moment. Payments are easy as well and they are made once every month. But there are other distinct advantages to the long-term car rental to consider as well.

PSD rental minibus hire offers all different types of minibus rental to suit all different types of occasions ranging from our smaller selection starting with 6 seaters all the way up to our 24 seater minibus perfect for big groups traveling to events e.g. sports occasion, festivals, nights out and many more.

The advantage of flexibility

If you have a company to hire cars for, you can take full advantage of PSD Flexi and long-term rental. Busy periods in your business might mean you need a car or extra cars added to those you may already own. PSD offers this flexibility which allows you to deal with increasing or changing business demands.

Long-term savings

One of the best ways to save on the long-term is to plan ahead. If your business needs cars hired, it may be worth it investing in a long-term rental. Instead of paying more with multiple daily or short period rentals, you could save more with PSD Flexi, which is tailor-made for long-term rental.

Included car maintenance

Another advantage of long-term rental over owning a car comes with maintenance costs. PSD Vehicle Rental takes care of vehicle maintenance. Any vehicle problems which may arise are taken care of by PSD with a dedicated package. At the same time, the road tax is also included so you don’t have to worry about too many variables when hiring long-term. So you can say goodbye to oil changes, tire changes or to any other regular servicing.

Top-quality vehicles

If you decide to rent long-term, you have a great selection of vehicles at PSD. From the petite Fiat 500 to a large Ford van, modern options are available to hire. If you have new staff members or new teams in your business, you can ensure their transportation needs are being made both from a safety and from a comfort point of view.

When you decide to rent long-term, PSD Vehicle Rental also offers other perks. For example, vehicle delivery and collection are made by PSD. You can spend more time on your business and less time trying to figure out windows of free time to make the arrangements yourself. With a trusted fleet, PSD Vehicle Rental is ready to give you a helping hand with your business. You can call 01744 649 889 for an inquiry and more details in long-term car rental.


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